Art-KitsReg. $34.95 /  SALE: $29.95 PRODUCT DETAILS:AGES  4 - 7 J. Allen Studios' Class-in-a-PackTM brings the hands-on creative learning experience home with two brand new four-part Series;'New England Grazing Farms' & 'Chisolm Trail' Art Activity Kits for Ages 4-7.Come follow along with an illustrated main character and a crew of animal friends for a nature-themed story-adventure! Make the finished Art-Piece with 'Tiny-Story-Time' bonus, to keep and re-read again and again, AND you get the animated short feature, with narration and on-screen words, to enjoy with all ages.Comes with:• Complete at-home Art Class• Online Companion full-class video link• Character Wall-Art Poster• 10 Full Color Illustrated, NarratedInstruction /Pattern Pages• Construction Paper to make thestoryboard• Bonus "Tiny -Story-Time" Backer-Poster& animated online feature video• Created by 20-year Art Teacher• Adapted from an in-person class• Designed by our Product Designer• Hand-assembled in the U.S.A.• Builds motor & letter shaping skills• Introduces the concept of storyboardingto build creative thinkingFlexible at-home art class! With 10 easy-to-follow guide-sheets in a story-teaching format, this positive-message-filled activity is a tried-and-tested class designed to hold a toddler's attention. Read aloud as they follow along and complete each section.Do it all in one sitting for a one-on-one, 60 minute class.  Or, spread it out over some rainy afternoons. Grab the coloring box & take it along on the camping trip or vacation, and let-go of the screens as this requires no WI-FI device!!These kits work for a variety of learning/activity settings from quiet-time to one-on-one or learning pods!PAPER MATERIALS: IncludedTOOLS: Choose in cart to ship with or without: Crayons • Safety Scissors •  GlueQUESTIONS?  Call us!  +1-737-777-3125[Exclusively at WellBeeTree]